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What is the Benefit of Natural, Locally-Sourced CBD?

Local grown California
Local grown California

It’s no secret that CBD products have exploded in popularity over the past few years. Google “CBD oil” and you’ll find pages and pages of products, from melatonin-infused tinctures to sparkling CBD sodas. But the craze surrounding cannabidiol — CBD’s scientific name — isn’t just media hype. Across the country, customers from all ages and backgrounds are discovering the benefits of CBD’s pain relieving properties and stress-reducing qualities. A recent Gallup poll found that 14 percent (!) of Americans are using CBD products. For these reasons, it's safe to say we’re living through a second California gold rush.

With so many companies breaking into the CBD market, it can be overwhelming to decide which products are legit. When we shop in the grocery store, we constantly check labels to make sure we’re putting healthy and natural ingredients into our bodies. With CBD products, we should be no less careful. To cut costs, some companies have begun to use synthetic CBD in their products, which include man-made chemicals like bromide and fluoride. It’s a potentially harmful way to produce CBD, so it’s no wonder the FDA announced a crack down on these companies last year.

As more consumers catch on to the restorative health values of CBD, biotech firms are even flooding the market with lesser-known cannabinoid extract, CBG. Unlike the scientifically-documented benefits of CBD, the CBG compound is relatively new, and no conclusive studies have been done on its effectiveness.

Luckily, we can avoid harmful additives by choosing all natural, locally-sourced CBD products. At California Dream CBD, delivering you a 100 percent natural CBD experience is our life-long mission. We’ve established a relationship with California-based farmers, who source our cannabinoids from hemp grown under California sunshine. While many CBD companies move their operations indoors to maximize output, we believe the best products come from plants exposed to year-round sunlight and natural air. We’re proud to grow our product in California - the state we’ve called home since day one. From the sun-soaked deserts in the south, to the redwood forests up north, the Golden State is a natural wonderland not only for people, but for plants. California soil is rich in carbon and other essential nutrients, making it the ideal setting for healthy plant growth — it’s no surprise that California is the number one agricultural exporter in the nation. While many CBD oils are produced in lab-like environments, you can bet that your California Dream CBD naturally bred.

Because California Dream CBD keeps it local, it also means we’re keeping things environmentally-friendly. California is the first state to address climate change through soil conservation, meaning the local government actually pays farmers to improve their soil's health, increase its ability to store carbon, and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Better yet, less transportation is required to get our product from farm to your doorstep, meaning we’ve cut down on harmful greenhouse gases to make the entire process as green as possible!

So to sum things up, keep your CBD natural and your CBD local. Not only is it better for your health, but it’s supporting the small-businesses that work to keep your product natural, sustainable, and synthetic-free. We invite you to check out our line of CBD oils, including ANGELES - the original oil - in 500mg and 1500mg bottle sizes. For a great holiday-stocking stuffer — or just for your own self-care routine — check out our MONTEREY and OJAI bath soaks. And as always, Megan and Flavio are more than happy to answer any questions you have. Give us a shout at or message us on Instagram.

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